[][src]Struct rusoto_codepipeline::EnableStageTransitionInput

pub struct EnableStageTransitionInput {
    pub pipeline_name: String,
    pub stage_name: String,
    pub transition_type: String,

Represents the input of an EnableStageTransition action.


pipeline_name: String

The name of the pipeline in which you want to enable the flow of artifacts from one stage to another.

stage_name: String

The name of the stage where you want to enable the transition of artifacts, either into the stage (inbound) or from that stage to the next stage (outbound).

transition_type: String

Specifies whether artifacts are allowed to enter the stage and be processed by the actions in that stage (inbound) or whether already processed artifacts are allowed to transition to the next stage (outbound).

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for EnableStageTransitionInput[src]

impl Debug for EnableStageTransitionInput[src]

impl Default for EnableStageTransitionInput[src]

impl PartialEq<EnableStageTransitionInput> for EnableStageTransitionInput[src]

impl Serialize for EnableStageTransitionInput[src]

impl StructuralPartialEq for EnableStageTransitionInput[src]

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