[][src]Struct rusoto_codepipeline::ActionTypeId

pub struct ActionTypeId {
    pub category: String,
    pub owner: String,
    pub provider: String,
    pub version: String,

Represents information about an action type.


category: String

A category defines what kind of action can be taken in the stage, and constrains the provider type for the action. Valid categories are limited to one of the following values.

owner: String

The creator of the action being called.

provider: String

The provider of the service being called by the action. Valid providers are determined by the action category. For example, an action in the Deploy category type might have a provider of AWS CodeDeploy, which would be specified as CodeDeploy. For more information, see Valid Action Types and Providers in CodePipeline.

version: String

A string that describes the action version.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for ActionTypeId[src]

impl Debug for ActionTypeId[src]

impl Default for ActionTypeId[src]

impl<'de> Deserialize<'de> for ActionTypeId[src]

impl PartialEq<ActionTypeId> for ActionTypeId[src]

impl Serialize for ActionTypeId[src]

impl StructuralPartialEq for ActionTypeId[src]

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