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Core code to describe coordinate transformations, Jones matrices, etc.


pub use jones::Jones;
pub use pos::azel::AzEl;
pub use pos::earth::Ellipsoid;
pub use pos::earth::LatLngHeight;
pub use pos::enh::ENH;
pub use pos::hadec::HADec;
pub use pos::lmn::LMN;
pub use pos::pal;
pub use pos::precession;
pub use pos::radec::RADec;
pub use pos::uvw::UVW;
pub use pos::xyz::XyzGeocentric;
pub use pos::xyz::XyzGeodetic;
pub use erfa_sys;
pub use hifitime;
pub use mwalib;
pub use mwalib::fitsio;
pub use mwalib::fitsio_sys;


Useful constants.

Code for general Jones matrix math.

Some helper mathematics.

Super module for all positional code.

Code for handling conversion to and from sexagesimal.

Code to help handle time.


A complex number in Cartesian form.

Type Definitions