[][src]Struct mongodb::ClientOptions

pub struct ClientOptions {
    pub log_file: Option<String>,
    pub read_preference: Option<ReadPreference>,
    pub write_concern: Option<WriteConcern>,
    pub heartbeat_frequency_ms: u32,
    pub server_selection_timeout_ms: i64,
    pub local_threshold_ms: i64,
    pub stream_connector: StreamConnector,

Configuration options for a client.


log_file: Option<String>

File path for command logging.

read_preference: Option<ReadPreference>

Client-level server selection preferences for read operations.

write_concern: Option<WriteConcern>

Client-level write guarantees when reporting a write success.

heartbeat_frequency_ms: u32

Frequency of server monitor updates; default 10000 ms.

server_selection_timeout_ms: i64

Timeout for selecting an appropriate server for operations; default 30000 ms.

local_threshold_ms: i64

The size of the latency window for selecting suitable servers; default 15 ms.

stream_connector: StreamConnector

Options for how to connect to the server.


impl ClientOptions[src]

pub fn new() -> ClientOptions[src]

Creates a new default options struct.

pub fn with_log_file(file: &str) -> ClientOptions[src]

Creates a new options struct with a specified log file.

Trait Implementations

impl Default for ClientOptions[src]

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