Struct mlua::HookTriggers[][src]

pub struct HookTriggers {
    pub on_calls: bool,
    pub on_returns: bool,
    pub every_line: bool,
    pub every_nth_instruction: Option<u32>,

Determines when a hook function will be called by Lua.


on_calls: bool

Before a function call.

on_returns: bool

When Lua returns from a function.

every_line: bool

Before executing a new line, or returning from a function call.

every_nth_instruction: Option<u32>

After a certain number of VM instructions have been executed. When set to Some(count), count is the number of VM instructions to execute before calling the hook.


Setting this option to a low value can incur a very high overhead.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for HookTriggers[src]

impl Copy for HookTriggers[src]

impl Debug for HookTriggers[src]

impl Default for HookTriggers[src]

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