Struct mlua::prelude::LuaFunction[][src]

pub struct LuaFunction<'lua>(_);

Handle to an internal Lua function.


impl<'lua> Function<'lua>[src]

pub fn call<A: ToLuaMulti<'lua>, R: FromLuaMulti<'lua>>(
    args: A
) -> Result<R>

Calls the function, passing args as function arguments.

The function’s return values are converted to the generic type R.


Call Lua’s built-in tostring function:

let globals = lua.globals();

let tostring: Function = globals.get("tostring")?;

assert_eq!(<_, String>(123)?, "123");

Call a function with multiple arguments:

let sum: Function = lua.load(
        function(a, b)
            return a + b

assert_eq!(<_, u32>((3, 4))?, 3 + 4);

pub fn call_async<'fut, A, R>(&self, args: A) -> LocalBoxFuture<'fut, Result<R>> where
    'lua: 'fut,
    A: ToLuaMulti<'lua>,
    R: FromLuaMulti<'lua> + 'fut, 

This is supported on crate feature async only.

Returns a Feature that, when polled, calls self, passing args as function arguments, and drives the execution.

Internaly it wraps the function to an AsyncThread.

Requires feature = "async"


use std::time::Duration;
use futures_timer::Delay;

let sleep = lua.create_async_function(move |_lua, n: u64| async move {


pub fn bind<A: ToLuaMulti<'lua>>(&self, args: A) -> Result<Function<'lua>>[src]

Returns a function that, when called, calls self, passing args as the first set of arguments.

If any arguments are passed to the returned function, they will be passed after args.


let sum: Function = lua.load(
        function(a, b)
            return a + b

let bound_a = sum.bind(1)?;
assert_eq!(<_, u32>(2)?, 1 + 2);

let bound_a_and_b = sum.bind(13)?.bind(57)?;
assert_eq!(<_, u32>(())?, 13 + 57);

pub fn dump(&self, strip: bool) -> Vec<u8>

Notable traits for Vec<u8, A>

impl<A> Write for Vec<u8, A> where
    A: Allocator

Dumps the function as a binary chunk.

If strip is true, the binary representation may not include all debug information about the function, to save space.

Trait Implementations

impl<'lua> Clone for Function<'lua>[src]

impl<'lua> Debug for Function<'lua>[src]

impl<'lua> FromLua<'lua> for Function<'lua>[src]

impl<'lua> PartialEq<Function<'lua>> for Function<'lua>[src]

impl<'lua> ToLua<'lua> for Function<'lua>[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<'lua> !RefUnwindSafe for Function<'lua>

impl<'lua> !Send for Function<'lua>

impl<'lua> !Sync for Function<'lua>

impl<'lua> Unpin for Function<'lua>

impl<'lua> !UnwindSafe for Function<'lua>

Blanket Implementations

impl<T> Any for T where
    T: 'static + ?Sized

impl<T> Borrow<T> for T where
    T: ?Sized

impl<T> BorrowMut<T> for T where
    T: ?Sized

impl<T> From<T> for T[src]

impl<T, U> Into<U> for T where
    U: From<T>, 

impl<T> ToOwned for T where
    T: Clone

type Owned = T

The resulting type after obtaining ownership.

impl<T, U> TryFrom<U> for T where
    U: Into<T>, 

type Error = Infallible

The type returned in the event of a conversion error.

impl<T, U> TryInto<U> for T where
    U: TryFrom<T>, 

type Error = <U as TryFrom<T>>::Error

The type returned in the event of a conversion error.