[][src]Struct mlua::Chunk

#[must_use =
  "`Chunk`s do nothing unless one of `exec`, `eval`, `call`, or `into_function` are called on them"]pub struct Chunk<'lua, 'a> { /* fields omitted */ }

Returned from Lua::load and is used to finalize loading and executing Lua main chunks.


impl<'lua, 'a> Chunk<'lua, 'a>[src]

pub fn set_name<S: ?Sized + AsRef<[u8]>>(
    name: &S
) -> Result<Chunk<'lua, 'a>>

Sets the name of this chunk, which results in more informative error traces.

pub fn set_environment<V: ToLua<'lua>>(self, env: V) -> Result<Chunk<'lua, 'a>>[src]

Sets the first upvalue (_ENV) of the loaded chunk to the given value.

Lua main chunks always have exactly one upvalue, and this upvalue is used as the _ENV variable inside the chunk. By default this value is set to the global environment.

Calling this method changes the _ENV upvalue to the value provided, and variables inside the chunk will refer to the given environment rather than the global one.

All global variables (including the standard library!) are looked up in _ENV, so it may be necessary to populate the environment in order for scripts using custom environments to be useful.

pub fn exec(self) -> Result<()>[src]

Execute this chunk of code.

This is equivalent to calling the chunk function with no arguments and no return values.

pub fn eval<R: FromLuaMulti<'lua>>(self) -> Result<R>[src]

Evaluate the chunk as either an expression or block.

If the chunk can be parsed as an expression, this loads and executes the chunk and returns the value that it evaluates to. Otherwise, the chunk is interpreted as a block as normal, and this is equivalent to calling exec.

pub fn call<A: ToLuaMulti<'lua>, R: FromLuaMulti<'lua>>(
    args: A
) -> Result<R>

Load the chunk function and call it with the given arguemnts.

This is equivalent to into_function and calling the resulting function.

pub fn into_function(self) -> Result<Function<'lua>>[src]

Load this chunk into a regular Function.

This simply compiles the chunk without actually executing it.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<'lua, 'a> !RefUnwindSafe for Chunk<'lua, 'a>

impl<'lua, 'a> !Send for Chunk<'lua, 'a>

impl<'lua, 'a> !Sync for Chunk<'lua, 'a>

impl<'lua, 'a> Unpin for Chunk<'lua, 'a>

impl<'lua, 'a> !UnwindSafe for Chunk<'lua, 'a>

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