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A simple, easy to use Rust wrapper for the Minehut API.

All functions that return/modify data in the crate use async/await.

This module provides functions for:

  • Getting Minehut stats in an organized manner from the Minehut API.
  • Client authentication allowing you to access and or modify more data.


Creating a client instance:

// Functions can be seen at the Client struct
let client = minehut::Client::new("auth-token", "session-id");
// Do something with it


This module stores all data structs used to receive data from the Minehut API.

This is the products module accessible from the crate folder. It contains all information related to Minehut products.

This is the servers public modules to access data related to Minehut servers. One of the more used modules.


This is the Minehut client struct, it only stores an authentication token and session ID. All data that require authentication can only be ran using this struct.


All error types for the crate. Used by the crate to propogate errors. Users can use it for error handling.


Gets a HomePageStats from Minehut asynchronously. Returns the home page statistics.

Gets a PlayerDistribution struct from Minehut asynchronously. Gets the player distribution for Java and Bedrock on Minehut.

Gets a SimpleStats struct from Minehut asynchronously. Gets simple Minehut statistics.