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This library is an SDK to communicate via message broker with StepFlow. It’s used for every worker as an abstraction. It manage itself requirements, message parsing, direct messaging.

Worker implementation

  1. Create a Rust project
  2. Add MCAI Worker SDK as a dependency in Cargo.toml: mcai_worker_sdk = "^1.0"
  3. Update the main file with the example provided here to implement MessageEvent trait, and call the start_worker to start the worker itself.
use mcai_worker_sdk::prelude::*;
use serde_derive::Deserialize;
use schemars::JsonSchema;

struct WorkerNameEvent {}

#[derive(Debug, Deserialize, JsonSchema)]
struct WorkerParameters {}

impl MessageEvent<WorkerParameters> for WorkerNameEvent {
  fn get_name(&self) -> String {"sample_worker".to_string()}
  fn get_short_description(&self) -> String {"Short description".to_string()}
  fn get_description(&self) -> String {"Long description".to_string()}
  fn get_version(&self) -> Version { Version::new(0, 0, 1) }
static WORKER_NAME_EVENT: WorkerNameEvent = WorkerNameEvent {};

// uncomment it to start the worker
// fn main() {
//   mcai_worker_sdk::start_worker(&WORKER_NAME_EVENT);
// }

Runtime configuration

AMQP connection

AMQP_HOSTNAMEIP or host of AMQP server (default: localhost)
AMQP_PORTAMQP server port (default: 5672)
AMQP_TLSenable secure connection using AMQPS (default: false, enable with true or 1 or TRUE or True)
AMQP_USERNAMEUsername used to connect to AMQP server (default: guest)
AMQP_PASSWORDPassword used to connect to AMQP server (default: guest)
AMQP_VHOSTAMQP virtual host (default: /)
AMQP_QUEUEAMQP queue name used to receive job orders (default: job_undefined)

Vault connection

BACKEND_HOSTNAMEURL used to connect to backend server (default:
BACKEND_USERNAMEUsername used to connect to backend server
BACKEND_PASSWORDPassword used to connect to backend server

Start worker locally

MCAI Worker SDK can be launched locally - without RabbitMQ. It can process some message for different purpose (functional tests, message order examples, etc.).

To start worker in this mode, setup the environment variable SOURCE_ORDERS with path(s) to json orders. It can take multiple orders, joined with : on unix platform, ; on windows os.


RUST_LOG=info SOURCE_ORDERS=./examples/success_order.json:./examples/error_order.json cargo run --example worker


pub use message::publish_job_progression;
pub use message_event::MessageEvent;
pub use parameter::container::ParametersContainer;


Module to manage Job

Connectors between message brokers and processors

Module to manage the worker (configuration and status information)


Internal error status to manage process errors

Type Definitions

Exposed Channel type