[][src]Trait macro_input::FromLit

pub trait FromLit {
    pub fn from(lit: Option<Lit>) -> Result<Self, Error>;

a trait for extracting a value from a literal

FromMeta is automatically implemented for all implementations

Required methods

pub fn from(lit: Option<Lit>) -> Result<Self, Error>[src]

extract the value


may return an Error if the literal doesn't contain the correct value

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl<V> FromLit for Option<V> where
    V: FromLit

impl FromLit for Option<Lit>[src]

impl FromLit for i32[src]

impl FromLit for u8[src]

impl FromLit for f32[src]

impl FromLit for char[src]

impl FromLit for Vec<u8, Global>[src]

impl FromLit for String[src]

impl FromLit for bool[src]

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