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This crate provides macros to help conveniently load the contents of files during development.

load_str! and load_bytes! are modeled after include_str! and include_bytes! from the standard library. The standard library macros are useful in many situations, one of which is quick-and-dirty loading of assets during a prototyping phase. (Examples of such assets are static web assets such as CSS or GLSL shaders for a game.) The load_* macros aim to offer a convenient way of loading the assets dynamically at run-time instead. This gets rid of the need to compile or even restart for every change while iterating on the assets.



fn main() {
    println!("{}", include_str!("greeting.txt"));


extern crate load_file;

fn main() {
    println!("{}", load_str!("greeting.txt"));


Load a file as a reference to a byte array at run-time.

Load a utf8-encoded file as a string at run-time.