[][src]Struct lit::config::Config

pub struct Config {
    pub supported_file_extensions: Vec<String>,
    pub test_paths: Vec<PathBuf>,
    pub constants: HashMap<String, String>,
    pub variable_lookup: VariableLookup,
    pub cleanup_temporary_files: bool,
    pub save_artifacts_to_directory: Option<PathBuf>,
    pub dump_variable_resolution: bool,
    pub truncate_output_context_to_number_of_lines: Option<usize>,
    pub extra_executable_search_paths: Vec<PathBuf>,
    pub always_show_stderr: bool,
    pub shell: String,

The configuration of the test runner.


supported_file_extensions: Vec<String>

A list of file extensions which contain tests.

test_paths: Vec<PathBuf>

Paths to tests or folders containing tests.

constants: HashMap<String, String>

Constants that tests can refer to via @<name> syntax.

variable_lookup: VariableLookup

A function which used to dynamically lookup variables.

The default variable lookup can be found at Config::DEFAULT_VARIABLE_LOOKUP.

In your own custom variable lookups, most of the time you will want to include a fallback call to Config::DEFAULT_VARIABLE_LOOKUP.

cleanup_temporary_files: bool

Whether temporary files generated by the tests should be cleaned up, where possible.

This includes temporary files created by using @tempfile variables.

save_artifacts_to_directory: Option<PathBuf>

Export all generated test artifacts to the specified directory.

dump_variable_resolution: bool

Whether verbose information about resolved variables should be printed to stderr.

truncate_output_context_to_number_of_lines: Option<usize>

If set, debug output should be truncated to this many number of context lines.

extra_executable_search_paths: Vec<PathBuf>

A list of extra directory paths that should be included in the $PATH when executing processes specified inside the tests.

always_show_stderr: bool

Whether messages on the standard error streams emitted during test runs should always be shown.

shell: String

Which shell to use (defaults to 'bash').


impl Config[src]

pub const DEFAULT_VARIABLE_LOOKUP: VariableLookup[src]

The default variable lookup function.

The supported variables are:

  • Any variable containing the string "tempfile"
    • Each distinct variable will be resolved to a distinct temporary file path.

pub fn add_extension<S>(&mut self, ext: S) where
    S: AsRef<str>, 

Marks a file extension as supported by the runner.

We only attempt to run tests for files within the extension whitelist.

pub fn add_extensions(&mut self, extensions: &[&str])[src]

Marks multiple file extensions as supported by the running.

pub fn add_search_path<P>(&mut self, path: P) where
    P: Into<String>, 

Adds a search path to the test runner.

We will recurse through the path to find tests.

pub fn add_executable_search_path<P>(&mut self, path: P) where
    P: AsRef<Path>, 

Adds an extra executable directory to the OS $PATH when executing tests.

pub fn test_search_directories(&self) -> impl Iterator<Item = &Path>[src]

Gets an iterator over all test search directories.

pub fn is_extension_supported(&self, extension: &str) -> bool[src]

Checks if a given extension will have tests run on it

pub fn lookup_variable<'a>(
    name: &str,
    variables: &'a mut HashMap<String, String>
) -> &'a str

Looks up a variable.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Config[src]

impl Debug for Config[src]

impl Default for Config[src]

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