Crate liquid_core[][src]


Liquid Processing Errors.

Liquid data model.

Liquid template language interpreter.


A value::Array literal.

A value::Object literal.

A value::Scalar literal.

A value::Value literal.


Compiler error

Type representing a Liquid object, payload of the Value::Object variant

An interface to access elements inside a block.

An iterator over TagTokens that is aware of their position in the file.

An executable template block.


An un-evaluated Value.

An enum to represent different value types

Abstract the lifetime of a Value.


A trait that holds a filter, ready to evaluate.

A trait that declares and holds the parameters of a filter.

A trait that holds the information of a filter about itself, such as its name, description and parameters.

Accessor for objects.

A trait for creating custom custom block-size tags ({% if something %}{% endif %}). This is a simple type alias for a function.

A trait to register a new filter in the liquid::Parser.

A trait for creating custom tags. This is a simple type alias for a function.

Any object (tag/block) that can be rendered by liquid must implement this trait.

State for rendering a template

Accessor for Values.


Convert a T into liquid_core::model::Object.

Convert a T into liquid_core::model::Value.

Type Definitions

Convenience type alias for Liquid compiler errors