[][src]Enum libp2p_yamux::WindowUpdateMode

pub enum WindowUpdateMode {

Specifies when window update frames are sent.



Send window updates as soon as a Stream's receive window drops to 0.

This ensures that the sender can resume sending more data as soon as possible but a slow reader on the receiving side may be overwhelmed, i.e. it accumulates data in its buffer which may reach its limit (see set_max_buffer_size). In this mode, window updates merely prevent head of line blocking but do not effectively exercise back pressure on senders.


Send window updates only when data is read on the receiving end.

This ensures that senders do not overwhelm receivers and keeps buffer usage low. However, depending on the protocol, there is a risk of deadlock, namely if both endpoints want to send data larger than the receivers window and they do not read before finishing their writes. Use this mode only if you are sure that this will never happen, i.e. if

  • Endpoints A and B never write at the same time, or
  • Endpoints A and B write at most n frames concurrently such that the sum of the frame lengths is less or equal to the available credit of A and B respectively.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for WindowUpdateMode[src]

impl Copy for WindowUpdateMode[src]

impl Debug for WindowUpdateMode[src]

impl Eq for WindowUpdateMode[src]

impl PartialEq<WindowUpdateMode> for WindowUpdateMode[src]

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