[][src]Enum libp2p_identify::IdentifyEvent

pub enum IdentifyEvent {
    Received {
        peer_id: PeerId,
        info: IdentifyInfo,
        observed_addr: Multiaddr,
    Sent {
        peer_id: PeerId,
    Error {
        peer_id: PeerId,
        error: ProtocolsHandlerUpgrErr<ReadOneError>,

Event emitted by the Identify behaviour.



Identifying information has been received from a peer.

Fields of Received

peer_id: PeerId

The peer that has been identified.

info: IdentifyInfo

The information provided by the peer.

observed_addr: Multiaddr

The address observed by the peer for the local node.


Identifying information of the local node has been sent to a peer.

Fields of Sent

peer_id: PeerId

The peer that the information has been sent to.


Error while attempting to identify the remote.

Fields of Error

peer_id: PeerId

The peer with whom the error originated.

error: ProtocolsHandlerUpgrErr<ReadOneError>

The error that occurred.

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for IdentifyEvent[src]

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