[][src]Struct libp2p_identify::IdentifyInfo

pub struct IdentifyInfo {
    pub public_key: PublicKey,
    pub protocol_version: String,
    pub agent_version: String,
    pub listen_addrs: Vec<Multiaddr>,
    pub protocols: Vec<String>,

Information of a peer sent in Identify protocol responses.


public_key: PublicKey

The public key underlying the peer's PeerId.

protocol_version: String

Version of the protocol family used by the peer, e.g. ipfs/1.0.0 or polkadot/1.0.0.

agent_version: String

Name and version of the peer, similar to the User-Agent header in the HTTP protocol.

listen_addrs: Vec<Multiaddr>

The addresses that the peer is listening on.

protocols: Vec<String>

The list of protocols supported by the peer, e.g. /ipfs/ping/1.0.0.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for IdentifyInfo[src]

impl Debug for IdentifyInfo[src]

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