[][src]Struct libhoney::transmission::Options

pub struct Options {
    pub max_batch_size: usize,
    pub max_concurrent_batches: usize,
    pub batch_timeout: Duration,
    pub pending_work_capacity: usize,
    pub user_agent_addition: Option<String>,

Options includes various options to tweak the behavious of the sender.


max_batch_size: usize

how many events to collect into a batch before sending. Overrides DEFAULT_MAX_BATCH_SIZE.

max_concurrent_batches: usize

how many batches can be inflight simultaneously. Overrides DEFAULT_MAX_CONCURRENT_BATCHES.

batch_timeout: Duration

how often to send off batches. Overrides DEFAULT_BATCH_TIMEOUT.

pending_work_capacity: usize

how many events to allow to pile up. Overrides DEFAULT_PENDING_WORK_CAPACITY

user_agent_addition: Option<String>

user_agent_addition is an option that allows you to augment the "User-Agent" header that libhoney sends along with each event. The default User-Agent is "libhoney-go/". If you set this variable, its contents will be appended to the User-Agent string, separated by a space. The expected format is product-name/version, eg "myapp/1.0"

Trait Implementations

impl Default for Options[src]

impl Clone for Options[src]

impl Debug for Options[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for Options

impl Unpin for Options

impl Sync for Options

impl UnwindSafe for Options

impl RefUnwindSafe for Options

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