Struct franka::gripper::gripper_state::GripperState[][src]

pub struct GripperState {
    pub width: f64,
    pub max_width: f64,
    pub is_grasped: bool,
    pub temperature: u16,
    pub time: Duration,

Describes the gripper state.


width: f64

Current gripper opening width. Unit: [m].

max_width: f64

Maximum gripper opening width. This parameter is estimated by homing the gripper. After changing the gripper fingers, a homing needs to be done. Unit: [m].

See Gripper::homing()

is_grasped: bool

Indicates whether an object is currently grasped.

temperature: u16

Current gripper temperature. Unit: [°C].

time: Duration

Strictly monotonically increasing timestamp since robot start.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for GripperState[src]

impl Copy for GripperState[src]

impl Debug for GripperState[src]

impl<'de> Deserialize<'de> for GripperState[src]

impl Serialize for GripperState[src]

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