Struct lfest::Config[][src]

pub struct Config {
    pub fee_maker: f64,
    pub fee_taker: f64,
    pub starting_balance_base: f64,
    pub use_candles: bool,
    pub leverage: f64,

Define the Exchange configuration


fee_maker: f64

The maker fee as a fraction. e.g.: 2.5 basis points rebate -> -0.00025

fee_taker: f64

The taker fee as a fraction. e.g.: 10 basis points -> 0.0010

starting_balance_base: f64

The starting balance of accounts margin denoted in BASE currency

use_candles: bool

set to true if you use the consume_candle() method to update external price information

leverage: f64

The leverage used for the position

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Config[src]

impl Debug for Config[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for Config

impl Send for Config

impl Sync for Config

impl Unpin for Config

impl UnwindSafe for Config

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