[][src]Trait kurbo::ParamCurveArea

pub trait ParamCurveArea {
    fn signed_area(&self) -> f64;

A parametrized curve that can have its signed area measured.

Required methods

Compute the signed area under the curve.

For a closed path, the signed area of the path is the sum of signed areas of the segments. This is a variant of the "shoelace formula." See: https://github.com/Pomax/bezierinfo/issues/44 and http://ich.deanmcnamee.com/graphics/2016/03/30/CurveArea.html

This can be computed exactly for Béziers thanks to Green's theorem, and also for simple curves such as circular arcs. For more exotic curves, it's probably best to subdivide to cubics. We leave that to the caller, which is why we don't give an accuracy param here.

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impl ParamCurveArea for PathSeg

impl ParamCurveArea for CubicBez

impl ParamCurveArea for Line

impl ParamCurveArea for QuadBez

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