Struct jsonrpc_client_http::HttpTransport[][src]

pub struct HttpTransport { /* fields omitted */ }

The main struct of the HTTP transport implementation for jsonrpc_client_core.

Acts as a handle to a stream running on the Tokio Core event loop thread. The handle allows sending Hyper Requests to the event loop and the stream running there will then send it to the destination and wait for the response.

This is just a handle without any destination (URI), and it does not implement Transport. To get a handle implementing Transport to use with an RPC client you call the handle method with a URI.


impl HttpTransport

Returns a builder to create a HttpTransport.

The final transport that is created will not support https. Either compile the crate with the "tls" feature to get that functionality through the with_tls constructor, or provide a custom Hyper client that supports TLS via the HttpTransportBuilder::with_client method.

Returns a handle to this HttpTransport valid for a given URI.

Used to create instances implementing jsonrpc_client_core::Transport for use with RPC clients.

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