Struct json_ns::TargetContext[][src]

pub struct TargetContext {
    pub rules: Vec<(String, String)>,

Structure holding the target context to reword a document to.

An instance of this struct is part of the Processor, which can be modified to provide rules according to which the output will be reworded.

By default, this context is empty, which will result in an output document containing only absolute IRIs.


Pairs of CURIE prefixes and their respective base IRIs.

For absolute IRIs that are about to be added to the output document, the processor will try to find a matching prefix in this list. If found, a CURIE will be used instead.

This list may also contain an entry with an empty string prefix, which then represents the default namespace of the output document.


impl TargetContext

Alias for TargetContext::default().

A short-hand for adding a rule.

Compact an absolute IRI according to this context.

Trait Implementations

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impl Debug for TargetContext

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