[][src]Struct imgui_sys::ImFont

pub struct ImFont {
    pub IndexAdvanceX: ImVector_float,
    pub FallbackAdvanceX: f32,
    pub FontSize: f32,
    pub IndexLookup: ImVector_ImWchar,
    pub Glyphs: ImVector_ImFontGlyph,
    pub FallbackGlyph: *const ImFontGlyph,
    pub DisplayOffset: ImVec2,
    pub ContainerAtlas: *mut ImFontAtlas,
    pub ConfigData: *const ImFontConfig,
    pub ConfigDataCount: c_short,
    pub FallbackChar: ImWchar,
    pub Scale: f32,
    pub Ascent: f32,
    pub Descent: f32,
    pub MetricsTotalSurface: c_int,
    pub DirtyLookupTables: bool,


IndexAdvanceX: ImVector_floatFallbackAdvanceX: f32FontSize: f32IndexLookup: ImVector_ImWcharGlyphs: ImVector_ImFontGlyphFallbackGlyph: *const ImFontGlyphDisplayOffset: ImVec2ContainerAtlas: *mut ImFontAtlasConfigData: *const ImFontConfigConfigDataCount: c_shortFallbackChar: ImWcharScale: f32Ascent: f32Descent: f32MetricsTotalSurface: c_intDirtyLookupTables: bool

Trait Implementations

impl Default for ImFont[src]

impl Clone for ImFont[src]

impl PartialEq<ImFont> for ImFont[src]

impl Copy for ImFont[src]

impl Debug for ImFont[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Unpin for ImFont

impl !Sync for ImFont

impl !Send for ImFont

impl UnwindSafe for ImFont

impl RefUnwindSafe for ImFont

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