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An IDX file format decoding library. (Currently WIP)

The main type is IDXDecoder. It implements Iterator whose Item correspond to items of file format.

Type parameters

IDXDecoder takes three type parameters.

  • R: Reader from which data is taken. Can be file, network stream etc.

  • T: Type of items produced by Iterator. E.g. U8, I16, F32.

    All possible types can be found in types module

  • D: Type-level integer of dimensions. Must be less than 256.

    If it's less than 128 use nalgebra's U* types. For value >=128 use typenum's consts.


For one-dimensional decoder returns simply items.

For more dimensions, output is a Vec of values containing a single item.

E.g. a 3-dimensional decoder where items are of size 4x4 will return Vecs of length 16.

First dimension of decoder corresponds to amount of items left.


Currently decoder only implements Iterator for 1 and 3 dimensions. It's simply because I didn't implement other.

Crate also assumes that items are stored in big endian way, just like sizes.

If you found a bug or the crate is missing some functionality, add an issue or send a pull request.


This example is not tested
let file = std::fs::File::open("data.idx")?;
let decode = idx_decoder::IDXDecoder::<_, idx_decoder::types::U8, nalgebra::U1>::new(file)?;
for item in decode {
    println!("Item: {}", item);


This crate is implemented according to file format found at http://yann.lecun.com/exdb/mnist/



Types used by IDXDecoder to specify iterator's output type



The decoder. Check crate level docs for more informations



Error type return by IDXDecoder::new