Trait idea::NewBlockCipher[][src]

pub trait NewBlockCipher {
    type KeySize: ArrayLength<u8>;
    pub fn new(key: &GenericArray<u8, Self::KeySize>) -> Self;

    pub fn new_from_slice(key: &[u8]) -> Result<Self, InvalidLength> { ... }

Instantiate a BlockCipher algorithm.

Associated Types

type KeySize: ArrayLength<u8>[src]

Key size in bytes with which cipher guaranteed to be initialized.

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Required methods

pub fn new(key: &GenericArray<u8, Self::KeySize>) -> Self[src]

Create new block cipher instance from key with fixed size.

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Provided methods

pub fn new_from_slice(key: &[u8]) -> Result<Self, InvalidLength>[src]

Create new block cipher instance from key with variable size.

Default implementation will accept only keys with length equal to KeySize, but some ciphers can accept range of key lengths.

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impl NewBlockCipher for Idea[src]

type KeySize = U16

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