Struct hyper::client::HttpConnector[][src]

pub struct HttpConnector { /* fields omitted */ }

A connector for the http scheme.

Performs DNS resolution in a thread pool, and then connects over TCP.


impl HttpConnector

Construct a new HttpConnector.

Takes number of DNS worker threads.

Construct a new HttpConnector with a specific Tokio handle.

Construct a new HttpConnector.

Takes an executor to run blocking tasks on.

Option to enforce all Uris have the http scheme.

Enabled by default.

Set that all sockets have SO_KEEPALIVE set with the supplied duration.

If None, the option will not be set.

Default is None.

Set that all sockets have SO_NODELAY set to the supplied value nodelay.

Default is false.

Set that all sockets are bound to the configured address before connection.

If None, the sockets will not be bound.

Default is None.

Set timeout for RFC 6555 (Happy Eyeballs) algorithm.

If hostname resolves to both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and connection cannot be established using preferred address family before timeout elapses, then connector will in parallel attempt connection using other address family.

If None, parallel connection attempts are disabled.

Default is 300 milliseconds.

Important traits for &'a mut R

Set that all socket have SO_REUSEADDR set to the supplied value reuse_address.

Default is false.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for HttpConnector

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impl Debug for HttpConnector

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impl Connect for HttpConnector

The connected IO Stream.

An error occured when trying to connect.

A Future that will resolve to the connected Transport.

Connect to a destination.

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