Enum hyper::header::IfMatch [] [src]

pub enum IfMatch {

If-Match header, defined in RFC7232

The If-Match header field makes the request method conditional on the recipient origin server either having at least one current representation of the target resource, when the field-value is "*", or having a current representation of the target resource that has an entity-tag matching a member of the list of entity-tags provided in the field-value.

An origin server MUST use the strong comparison function when comparing entity-tags for If-Match, since the client intends this precondition to prevent the method from being applied if there have been any changes to the representation data.


If-Match = "*" / 1#entity-tag

Example values

  • "xyzzy"
  • "xyzzy", "r2d2xxxx", "c3piozzzz"


use hyper::header::{Headers, IfMatch};

let mut headers = Headers::new();
use hyper::header::{Headers, IfMatch, EntityTag};

let mut headers = Headers::new();
        EntityTag::new(false, "xyzzy".to_owned()),
        EntityTag::new(false, "foobar".to_owned()),
        EntityTag::new(false, "bazquux".to_owned()),


Any value is a match

Only the listed items are a match

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impl Header for IfMatch


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