Struct hyper_tls::HttpsConnector[][src]

pub struct HttpsConnector<T> { /* fields omitted */ }

A Connector for the https scheme.


impl HttpsConnector<HttpConnector>

Construct a new HttpsConnector.

Takes number of DNS worker threads.

This uses hyper's default HttpConnector, and default TlsConnector. If you wish to use something besides the defaults, use From::from.


By default this connector will use plain HTTP if the URL provded uses the HTTP scheme (eg:

If you would like to force the use of HTTPS then call https_only(true) on the returned connector.

impl<T> HttpsConnector<T>

Force the use of HTTPS when connecting.

If a URL is not https when connecting, an error is returned.

Trait Implementations

impl<T: Clone> Clone for HttpsConnector<T>

Returns a copy of the value. Read more

Performs copy-assignment from source. Read more

impl<T> From<(T, TlsConnector)> for HttpsConnector<T>

Performs the conversion.

impl<T: Debug> Debug for HttpsConnector<T>

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impl<T> Connect for HttpsConnector<T> where
    T: Connect<Error = Error>,
    T::Transport: 'static,
    T::Future: 'static, 

The connected IO Stream.

An error occured when trying to connect.

A Future that will resolve to the connected Transport.

Connect to a destination.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<T> Send for HttpsConnector<T> where
    T: Send

impl<T> Sync for HttpsConnector<T> where
    T: Sync