pub trait Body {
    type Data: Buf;
    type Error;

    fn poll_data(
        self: Pin<&mut Self>,
        cx: &mut Context<'_>
    ) -> Poll<Option<Result<Self::Data, Self::Error>>>; fn poll_trailers(
        self: Pin<&mut Self>,
        cx: &mut Context<'_>
    ) -> Poll<Result<Option<HeaderMap>, Self::Error>>; fn is_end_stream(&self) -> bool { ... } fn size_hint(&self) -> SizeHint { ... } fn data(&mut self) -> Data<'_, Self>Notable traits for Data<'a, T>impl<'a, T: Body + Unpin + ?Sized> Future for Data<'a, T> type Output = Option<Result<T::Data, T::Error>>;
        Self: Unpin + Sized
, { ... } fn trailers(&mut self) -> Trailers<'_, Self>Notable traits for Trailers<'a, T>impl<'a, T: Body + Unpin + ?Sized> Future for Trailers<'a, T> type Output = Result<Option<HeaderMap>, T::Error>;
        Self: Unpin + Sized
, { ... } fn map_data<F, B>(self, f: F) -> MapData<Self, F>
        Self: Sized,
        F: FnMut(Self::Data) -> B,
        B: Buf
, { ... } fn map_err<F, E>(self, f: F) -> MapErr<Self, F>
        Self: Sized,
        F: FnMut(Self::Error) -> E
, { ... } fn boxed(self) -> BoxBody<Self::Data, Self::Error>
        Self: Sized + Send + Sync + 'static
, { ... } fn boxed_unsync(self) -> UnsyncBoxBody<Self::Data, Self::Error>
        Self: Sized + Send + 'static
, { ... } }
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Trait representing a streaming body of a Request or Response.

Data is streamed via the poll_data function, which asynchronously yields T: Buf values. The size_hint function provides insight into the total number of bytes that will be streamed.

The poll_trailers function returns an optional set of trailers used to finalize the request / response exchange. This is mostly used when using the HTTP/2.0 protocol.

Required Associated Types

Values yielded by the Body.

The error type this Body might generate.

Required Methods

Attempt to pull out the next data buffer of this stream.

Poll for an optional single HeaderMap of trailers.

This function should only be called once poll_data returns None.

Provided Methods

Returns true when the end of stream has been reached.

An end of stream means that both poll_data and poll_trailers will return None.

A return value of false does not guarantee that a value will be returned from poll_stream or poll_trailers.

Returns the bounds on the remaining length of the stream.

When the exact remaining length of the stream is known, the upper bound will be set and will equal the lower bound.

Returns future that resolves to next data chunk, if any.

Returns future that resolves to trailers, if any.

Maps this body’s data value to a different value.

Maps this body’s error value to a different value.

Turn this body into a boxed trait object.

Turn this body into a boxed trait object that is !Sync.

Implementations on Foreign Types