Struct html5ever::tokenizer::TokenizerOpts [] [src]

pub struct TokenizerOpts {
    pub exact_errors: bool,
    pub discard_bom: bool,
    pub profile: bool,
    pub initial_state: Option<State>,
    pub last_start_tag_name: Option<String>,

Tokenizer options, with an impl for Default.


Report all parse errors described in the spec, at some performance penalty? Default: false

Discard a U+FEFF BYTE ORDER MARK if we see one at the beginning of the stream? Default: true

Keep a record of how long we spent in each state? Printed when end() is called. Default: false

Initial state override. Only the test runner should use a non-None value!

Last start tag. Only the test runner should use a non-None value!

FIXME: Can't use Tendril because we want TokenizerOpts to be Send.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for TokenizerOpts

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impl Default for TokenizerOpts

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