[][src]Struct html2md::StructuredPrinter

pub struct StructuredPrinter {
    pub parent_chain: Vec<String>,
    pub inside_content: bool,
    pub siblings: HashMap<usize, Vec<String>>,
    pub data: String,

Intermediate result of HTML -> Markdown conversion.

Holds context in the form of parent tags and siblings chain and resulting string of markup content with current position.


parent_chain: Vec<String>

Chain of parents leading to upmost tag

inside_content: boolsiblings: HashMap<usize, Vec<String>>

Siblings of currently processed tag in order where they're appearing in html

data: String

resulting markdown document


impl StructuredPrinter[src]

pub fn insert_newline(&mut self)[src]

Inserts newline

pub fn append_str(&mut self, it: &str)[src]

Append string to the end of the printer

pub fn insert_str(&mut self, pos: usize, it: &str)[src]

Insert string at specified position of printer, adjust position to the end of inserted string

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for StructuredPrinter[src]

impl Default for StructuredPrinter[src]

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