Module hotline_rs::pmfx

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High level graphics (data driven render pipelines, shaders, views).


  • GPU friendly structure containing camera view information
  • GPU friendly structure for cameras
  • Equivalent to a View this is a graph node which only requires compute
  • GPU friendly structure for directional lights
  • GPU friendly struct containing single entity draw data
  • A GPU buffer type which can resize and stretch like a vector
  • GPU friendly struct containing single entity draw data
  • GPU friendly structure containing lookup id’s for bindless materials
  • Compact mesh representation referincing and index buffer, vertex buffer and num index count
  • Pmfx instance,containing render objects and resources
  • GPU friendly structure for point lights
  • To lookup resources in a shader, these are passed to compute shaders: index = srv (read), uav (write) dimension is the resource dimension where 2d textures will be (w, h, 1) and 3d will be (w, h, d)
  • GPU friendly structure for spot lights
  • Contains frame statistics from the GPU for all pmfx jobs
  • Everything you need to render a world view; command buffers will be automatically reset and submitted for you.
  • Information to cerate WorldBuffers for rendering

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