[][src]Struct hmc5983::HMC5983

pub struct HMC5983<SI> { /* fields omitted */ }


impl<SI, CommE, PinE> HMC5983<SI> where
    SI: SensorInterface<InterfaceError = Error<CommE, PinE>>, 

pub fn new_with_interface(sensor_interface: SI) -> Self[src]

pub fn init(
    &mut self,
    delay_source: &mut impl DelayMs<u8>
) -> Result<(), Error<CommE, PinE>>

pub fn set_gain(&mut self, gain: GainSetting) -> Result<(), Error<CommE, PinE>>[src]

Set the mag gain, which determines the range

pub fn set_all_config_a(
    &mut self,
    mode: MeasurementModeSetting,
    odr: OdrSetting,
    averaging: SampleAvgSetting,
    temp_enabled: bool
) -> Result<(), Error<CommE, PinE>>

Set all of the Config A register settings

pub fn get_mag_vector(&mut self) -> Result<[i16; 3], Error<CommE, PinE>>[src]

pub fn get_temperature(&mut self) -> Result<i16, Error<CommE, PinE>>[src]

Read temperature from device Result is degrees Celsius

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<SI> Send for HMC5983<SI> where
    SI: Send

impl<SI> Sync for HMC5983<SI> where
    SI: Sync

impl<SI> Unpin for HMC5983<SI> where
    SI: Unpin

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