hmc5983 0.1.3

HMC5983 magnetometer driver for embedded hal


A rust embedded-hal driver for the Honeywell HMC5983 and similar 3-axis magnetometers such as the HMC5883.

Note that some devices (HMC5983) support both I2C and SPI interfaces, while others (eg HMC5883, QMC5883) only support a single interface (I2C).


You can connect to the HMC5983 through either I2C or SPI:

  use hmc5983::HMC5983;

  let mut mag_int = HMC5983::new_with_interface(
        hmc5983::interface::SpiInterface::new(spi_bus1.acquire(), spi_cs_mag),
    mag_int.init(&mut delay_source).expect("mag_int init failed");

    let mut mag_ext = HMC5983::new_with_interface(
        hmc5983::interface::I2cInterface::new(i2c_bus1.acquire()) );
    mag_ext.init(&mut delay_source).expect("mag_ext init failed");


  • Basic i2c setup support
  • Basic spi setup support
  • read of main xyz magnetometer vector
  • support for DRDY pin
  • Tests with mock embedded hal
  • Periodic configuration check (for poor i2c connections)
  • Usage example with cortex-m hal
  • Doc comments
  • CI