pub trait HDPath {
    fn len(&self) -> u8;
    fn get(&self, pos: u8) -> Option<PathValue>;

    fn to_bytes(&self) -> Vec<u8> { ... }
    fn parent(&self) -> Option<CustomHDPath> { ... }
    fn as_custom(&self) -> CustomHDPath { ... }
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General trait for an HDPath. Common implementations are StandardHDPath, AccountHDPath and CustomHDPath

Required Methods

Size of the HD Path

Get element as the specified position. The implementation must return Some<PathValue> for all values up to len(). And return None if the position if out of bounds.

See PathValue

Provided Methods

Encode as bytes, where first byte is number of elements in path (always 5 for StandardHDPath) following by 4-byte BE values

Get parent HD Path. Return None if the current path is empty (i.e. already at the top)

Convert current to CustomHDPath structure

Trait Implementations

Converts to this type from the input type.