[][src]Struct glsp::Coro

pub struct Coro { /* fields omitted */ }

The coro primitive type.

Coroutines can't be instantiated directly. Instead, use glsp::call to invoke a GFn for which GFn::yields returns true.

To resume a newborn or paused coroutine, use glsp::coro_run.

Coroutines are always stored on the garbage-collected heap, so they're normally represented by the type Root<Coro>.


impl Coro[src]

pub fn gfn(&self) -> Root<GFn>

Notable traits for Root<GIter>

impl Iterator for Root<GIter> type Item = Result<Val, GError>;

Returns the GFn from which this coroutine originated.

pub fn state(&self) -> CoroState[src]

Returns the coroutine's current state.

Equivalent to (coro-state co).

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for Coro[src]

impl Display for Coro[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for Coro[src]

impl !Send for Coro[src]

impl !Sync for Coro[src]

impl Unpin for Coro[src]

impl !UnwindSafe for Coro[src]

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