[][src]Struct glean_core::Configuration

pub struct Configuration {
    pub upload_enabled: bool,
    pub data_path: String,
    pub application_id: String,
    pub max_events: Option<usize>,
    pub delay_ping_lifetime_io: bool,

The Glean configuration.

Optional values will be filled in with default values.


upload_enabled: bool

Whether upload should be enabled.

data_path: String

Path to a directory to store all data in.

application_id: String

The application ID (will be sanitized during initialization).

max_events: Option<usize>

The maximum number of events to store before sending a ping containing events.

delay_ping_lifetime_io: bool

Whether Glean should delay persistence of data from metrics with ping lifetime.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Configuration[src]

impl Debug for Configuration[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

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