Struct git2::StashApplyOptions[][src]

pub struct StashApplyOptions<'cb> { /* fields omitted */ }

Stash application options structure


impl<'cb> StashApplyOptions<'cb>

Creates a default set of merge options.

Set stash application flag to GIT_STASH_APPLY_REINSTATE_INDEX

Options to use when writing files to the working directory

Optional callback to notify the consumer of application progress.

Return true to continue processing, or false to abort the stash application.

Pointer to a raw git_stash_apply_options

Trait Implementations

impl<'cb> Default for StashApplyOptions<'cb>

Returns the "default value" for a type. Read more

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<'cb> !Send for StashApplyOptions<'cb>

impl<'cb> !Sync for StashApplyOptions<'cb>