Struct git2::RepositoryInitOptions[][src]

pub struct RepositoryInitOptions { /* fields omitted */ }

Options which can be used to configure how a repository is initialized


impl RepositoryInitOptions

Creates a default set of initialization options.

By default this will set flags for creating all necessary directories and initializing a directory from the user-configured templates path.

Create a bare repository with no working directory.

Defaults to false.

Return an error if the repository path appears to already be a git repository.

Defaults to false.

Normally a '/.git/' will be appended to the repo path for non-bare repos (if it is not already there), but passing this flag prevents that behavior.

Defaults to false.

Make the repo path (and workdir path) as needed. The ".git" directory will always be created regardless of this flag.

Defaults to true.

Recursively make all components of the repo and workdir path sas necessary.

Defaults to true.

Set to one of the RepositoryInit constants, or a custom value.

Enable or disable using external templates.

If enabled, then the template_path option will be queried first, then init.templatedir from the global config, and finally /usr/share/git-core-templates will be used (if it exists).

Defaults to true.

The path do the working directory.

If this is a relative path it will be evaulated relative to the repo path. If this is not the "natural" working directory, a .git gitlink file will be created here linking to the repo path.

If set, this will be used to initialize the "description" file in the repository instead of using the template content.

When the external_template option is set, this is the first location to check for the template directory.

If this is not configured, then the default locations will be searched instead.

The name of the head to point HEAD at.

If not configured, this will be treated as master and the HEAD ref will be set to refs/heads/master. If this begins with refs/ it will be used verbatim; otherwise refs/heads/ will be prefixed

If set, then after the rest of the repository initialization is completed an origin remote will be added pointing to this URL.

Creates a set of raw init options to be used with git_repository_init_ext.

This method is unsafe as the returned value may have pointers to the interior of this structure.

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