Struct git2::MergeOptions[][src]

pub struct MergeOptions { /* fields omitted */ }

Options to specify when merging.


impl MergeOptions

Creates a default set of merge options.

Detect file renames

Similarity to consider a file renamed (default 50)

Maximum similarity sources to examine for renames (default 200). If the number of rename candidates (add / delete pairs) is greater than this value, inexact rename detection is aborted. This setting overrides the merge.renameLimit configuration value.

Maximum number of times to merge common ancestors to build a virtual merge base when faced with criss-cross merges. When this limit is reached, the next ancestor will simply be used instead of attempting to merge it. The default is unlimited.

Specify a side to favor for resolving conflicts

Create standard conflicted merge files

Create diff3-style file

Condense non-alphanumeric regions for simplified diff file

Ignore all whitespace

Ignore changes in amount of whitespace

Ignore whitespace at end of line

Use the "patience diff" algorithm

Take extra time to find minimal diff

Acquire a pointer to the underlying raw options.

Trait Implementations

impl Default for MergeOptions

Returns the "default value" for a type. Read more

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !Send for MergeOptions

impl !Sync for MergeOptions