Struct ggez::graphics::DrawParam[][src]

pub struct DrawParam {
    pub src: Rect,
    pub dest: Point2,
    pub rotation: f32,
    pub scale: Point2,
    pub offset: Point2,
    pub shear: Point2,
    pub color: Option<Color>,

A struct containing all the necessary info for drawing a Drawable.

This struct implements the Default trait, so to set only some parameter you can just do:

This example is not tested
graphics::draw_ex(ctx, drawable, DrawParam{ dest: my_dest, .. Default::default()} )


a portion of the drawable to clip, as a fraction of the whole image. Defaults to the whole image (1.0) if omitted.

the position to draw the graphic expressed as a Point2.

orientation of the graphic in radians.

x/y scale factors expressed as a Point2.

specifies an offset from the center for transform operations like scale/rotation, with 0,0 meaning the origin and 1,1 meaning the opposite corner from the origin. By default these operations are done from the top-left corner, so to rotate something from the center specify Point2::new(0.5, 0.5) here.

x/y shear factors expressed as a Point2.

A color to draw the target with. If None, the color set by graphics::set_color() is used; default white.


impl DrawParam

Turn the DrawParam into a model matrix, combining destination, rotation, scale, offset and shear.

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for DrawParam

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impl PartialEq for DrawParam

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impl Default for DrawParam

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impl From<(Point2, f32)> for DrawParam

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impl From<DrawParam> for InstanceProperties

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