[][src]Enum gfx_backend_vulkan::Backend

pub enum Backend {}

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Backend[src]

impl Copy for Backend[src]

impl Eq for Backend[src]

impl PartialEq<Backend> for Backend[src]

impl Debug for Backend[src]

impl Hash for Backend[src]

impl PhysicalDevice<Backend> for PhysicalDevice[src]

impl Device<Backend> for Device[src]

unsafe fn create_buffer(
    size: u64,
    usage: Usage
) -> Result<Buffer, CreationError>

impl Backend for Backend[src]

type Instance = Instance

type PhysicalDevice = PhysicalDevice

type Device = Device

type Surface = Surface

type Swapchain = Swapchain

type QueueFamily = QueueFamily

type CommandQueue = CommandQueue

type CommandBuffer = CommandBuffer

type Memory = Memory

type CommandPool = RawCommandPool

type ShaderModule = ShaderModule

type RenderPass = RenderPass

type Framebuffer = Framebuffer

type Buffer = Buffer

type BufferView = BufferView

type Image = Image

type ImageView = ImageView

type Sampler = Sampler

type ComputePipeline = ComputePipeline

type GraphicsPipeline = GraphicsPipeline

type PipelineLayout = PipelineLayout

type PipelineCache = PipelineCache

type DescriptorSetLayout = DescriptorSetLayout

type DescriptorPool = DescriptorPool

type DescriptorSet = DescriptorSet

type Fence = Fence

type Semaphore = Semaphore

type Event = Event

type QueryPool = QueryPool

impl CommandQueue<Backend> for CommandQueue[src]

impl Instance<Backend> for Instance[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for Backend

impl Sync for Backend

impl Unpin for Backend

impl UnwindSafe for Backend

impl RefUnwindSafe for Backend

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