[][src]Struct gff_diff::CompareGFF

pub struct CompareGFF { /* fields omitted */ }


impl CompareGFF[src]

pub fn new() -> Self[src]

Creates a new, blank CompareGFF.

pub fn record_issues(&mut self, do_record: bool)[src]

Changes the option to record issues in the result.

pub fn flexible_ids(&mut self, use_flexible_ids: bool)[src]

Changes the option to create new IDs in case of duplicates.

pub fn new_from_files<S: Into<String>>(
    filename1: S,
    filename2: S
) -> Result<Self, Box<dyn Error>>

Creates a new CompareGFF with two files.

pub fn load_gff<S: Into<String>>(
    &mut self,
    filename: S,
    data_set: u8
) -> Result<(), Box<dyn Error>>

pub fn diff(&self) -> Result<Value, Box<dyn Error>>[src]

Generates the diff between the two loaded files.

pub fn sort_comparison(result: &mut Value)[src]

Sorts a comparison JSON. Potentially slow. Used in tests.

pub fn diff_apollo(&self) -> Result<Value, Box<dyn Error>>[src]

pub fn write_data1(&self, file: Box<dyn Write>) -> Result<(), Box<dyn Error>>[src]

pub fn apply_diff(
    &mut self,
    diff: &Value
) -> Result<&HashMap<String, Record>, Box<dyn Error>>

Applies the given diff to the data loaded into the gff 1 slot.

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