[][src]Struct gbx_header::gbx::GBX

pub struct GBX {
    pub origin: GBXOrigin,
    pub filesize: usize,
    pub thumbnail: Option<JPEGData>,
    pub bin_header: GBXBinaryHeader,
    pub challenge_header: Option<ChallengeXMLHeader>,
    pub replay_header: Option<ReplayXMLHeader>,
    pub header_xml: String,
    // some fields omitted

Container for any data extracted from a GBX file.

See parse_from_file and parse_from_buffer. Serde is not used internally to Deserialize, but added to enable easier integration of these datatypes in other applications.


origin: GBXOriginfilesize: usizethumbnail: Option<JPEGData>bin_header: GBXBinaryHeaderchallenge_header: Option<ChallengeXMLHeader>replay_header: Option<ReplayXMLHeader>header_xml: String

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for GBX[src]

impl<'de> Deserialize<'de> for GBX[src]

impl Display for GBX[src]

impl Serialize for GBX[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

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