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An experimental asynchronous SDR runtime for heterogeneous architectures that is:

  • Extensible: custom buffers (supporting accelerators like GPUs and FPGAs) and custom schedulers (optimized for your application).
  • Asynchronous: solving long-standing issues around IO, blocking, and timers.
  • Portable: Linux, Windows, Mac, WASM, Android, and prime support for embedded platforms through a REST API and web-based GUIs.
  • Fast: SDR go brrr!


An example flowgraph that forwards 123 zeros into a sink:

use futuresdr::anyhow::Result;
use futuresdr::blocks::Head;
use futuresdr::blocks::NullSink;
use futuresdr::blocks::NullSource;
use futuresdr::macros::connect;
use futuresdr::runtime::Flowgraph;
use futuresdr::runtime::Runtime;

fn main() -> Result<()> {
    let mut fg = Flowgraph::new();

    let src = NullSource::<u8>::new();
    let head = Head::<u8>::new(123);
    let snk = NullSink::<u8>::new();

    connect!(fg, src > head > snk);