Module futuresdr::blocks

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Block Library

Functional/Apply-style Blocks

ApplyApply a function to each sample.
ApplyIntoIterApply a function on each input sample to create an iterator and output its values.
ApplyNMApply a function to each N input samples, producing M output samples.
CombineApply a function to combine two streams into one.
FilterApply a function, returning an Option to allow filtering samples.
SinkApply a function to received samples.
SourceRepeatedly apply a function to generate samples.
SplitApply a function to split a stream.
FiniteSourceRepeatedly apply a function to generate samples, using Option values to allow termination.

DSP blocks

AgcAutomatic Gain Control
FftCompute an FFT.
FirFIR filter and resampler.
IirIIR filter.


ConsoleSinkLog stream data with log::info!.
DelayDelays samples.
HeadCopies only a given number of samples and stops.
NullSinkDrops samples.
NullSourceGenerates a stream of zeros.
SelectorForward the input stream with a given index to the output stream with a given index.
TagDebugDrop samples, printing tags.
ThrottleLimit sample rate.
VectorSinkStore received samples in vector.
VectorSourceStream samples from vector.

Message Passing

MessageBurstOutput a given number of messages in one burst and terminate.
MessageCopyForward messages.
MessagePipePush received messages into a channel.
MessageSinkBlack hole for messages.
MessageSourceOutput the same message periodically.

Performance Evaluation

CopyCopy input samples to the output.
CopyRandCopy input samples to the output, forwarding only a randomly selected number of samples.
lttng::NullSourceNull source that calls an lttng tracepoint for every batch of produced samples.lttng
lttng:NullSinkNull sink that calls an lttng tracepoint for every batch of received samples.lttng


BlobToUdpPush Blobs into a UDP socket.
ChannelSourcePush samples through a channel into a stream connection.
FileSinkWrite samples to a file.
FileSourceRead samples from a file.
TcpSourceReads samples from a TCP socket.
TcpSinkPush samples into a TCP socket.
WebsocketSinkPush samples in a WebSocket.
[zeromq::PubSink]Push samples into ZeroMQ socket.
[zeromq::SubSource]Read samples from ZeroMQ socket.

SDR Hardware

SeifySinkTransmit samples with a Seify device.seify
SeifySourceReceive samples from a Seify device.seify

Hardware Acceleration

[Vulkan]Interface GPU w/ Vulkan.vulkan
[Wgpu]Interface GPU w/ native API.wgpu
[Zynq]Interface Zynq FPGA w/ AXI DMA (async mode).zynq
[ZynqSync]Interface Zynq FPGA w/ AXI DMA (sync mode).zynq

WASM-specific (target wasm32-unknown-unknown)

HackRfWASM + WebUSB source for HackRF.
WasmWsSinkSend samples via a WebSocket.

Signal Sources

SignalSourceCreate signals (sin, cos, square).

Audio (requires audio feature)

AudioSinkAudio sink.
AudioSourceAudio source.
FileSourceRead an audio file and output its samples.
WavSinkWrites samples to a WAV file