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Rust wrapper around freetype 2 library


To create a new freetype context, instantiate the Library struct as below. The Library (along with other objects) obeys RAII and is dropped when the struct goes out of scope.


extern crate freetype;

fn main() {
    use freetype::Library;
    use freetype::face::LoadFlag;

    // Init the library
    let lib = Library::init().unwrap();
    // Load a font face
    let face = lib.new_face("/path/to/a/font/file.ttf", 0).unwrap();
    // Set the font size
    face.set_char_size(40 * 64, 0, 50, 0).unwrap();
    // Load a character
    face.load_char('A' as usize, LoadFlag::RENDER).unwrap();
    // Get the glyph instance
    let glyph = face.glyph();

See in the examples/ folder for more examples.

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pub extern crate freetype_sys;
pub use bitmap::Bitmap;
pub use bitmap_glyph::BitmapGlyph;
pub use error::Error;
pub use error::FtResult;
pub use face::Face;
pub use glyph::Glyph;
pub use glyph_slot::GlyphSlot;
pub use library::LcdFilter;
pub use library::Library;
pub use outline::Outline;
pub use render_mode::RenderMode;
pub use stroker::Stroker;
pub use stroker::StrokerLineCap;
pub use stroker::StrokerLineJoin;
pub use freetype_sys as ffi;


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