[][src]Trait fst::IntoStreamer

pub trait IntoStreamer<'a> {
    type Item: 'a;
    type Into: Streamer<'a, Item = Self::Item>;
    fn into_stream(self) -> Self::Into;

IntoStreamer describes types that can be converted to streams.

This is analogous to the IntoIterator trait for Iterator in std::iter.

Associated Types

type Item: 'a

The type of the item emitted by the stream.

type Into: Streamer<'a, Item = Self::Item>

The type of the stream to be constructed.

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Required methods

fn into_stream(self) -> Self::Into

Construct a stream from Self.

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impl<'a, 'f, A: 'a + Automaton> IntoStreamer<'a> for fst::raw::StreamWithStateBuilder<'f, A> where
    A::State: Clone

type Item = (&'a [u8], Output, A::State)

type Into = StreamWithState<'f, A>

impl<'a, 'f, A: Automaton> IntoStreamer<'a> for fst::raw::StreamBuilder<'f, A>[src]

type Item = (&'a [u8], Output)

type Into = Stream<'f, A>

impl<'a, 'f, D: AsRef<[u8]>> IntoStreamer<'a> for &'f Fst<D>[src]

type Item = (&'a [u8], Output)

type Into = Stream<'f>

impl<'a, S: Streamer<'a>> IntoStreamer<'a> for S[src]

type Item = S::Item

type Into = S

impl<'m, 'a, A: 'a + Automaton> IntoStreamer<'a> for fst::map::StreamWithStateBuilder<'m, A> where
    A::State: Clone

type Item = (&'a [u8], u64, A::State)

type Into = StreamWithState<'m, A>

impl<'m, 'a, A: Automaton> IntoStreamer<'a> for fst::map::StreamBuilder<'m, A>[src]

type Item = (&'a [u8], u64)

type Into = Stream<'m, A>

impl<'m, 'a, D: AsRef<[u8]>> IntoStreamer<'a> for &'m Map<D>[src]

type Item = (&'a [u8], u64)

type Into = Stream<'m>

impl<'s, 'a, A: 'a + Automaton> IntoStreamer<'a> for fst::set::StreamWithStateBuilder<'s, A> where
    A::State: Clone

type Item = (&'a [u8], A::State)

type Into = StreamWithState<'s, A>

impl<'s, 'a, A: Automaton> IntoStreamer<'a> for fst::set::StreamBuilder<'s, A>[src]

type Item = &'a [u8]

type Into = Stream<'s, A>

impl<'s, 'a, D: AsRef<[u8]>> IntoStreamer<'a> for &'s Set<D>[src]

type Item = &'a [u8]

type Into = Stream<'s>

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