[][src]Struct freertos_rs::Task

pub struct Task { /* fields omitted */ }

Handle for a FreeRTOS task


impl Task[src]

pub fn new() -> TaskBuilder[src]

Prepare a builder object for the new task.

pub fn get_name(&self) -> Result<String, ()>[src]

Get the name of the current task.

pub fn current() -> Result<Task, FreeRtosError>[src]

Try to find the task of the current execution context.

pub fn set_notification_value(&self, val: u32)[src]

Forcibly set the notification value for this task.

pub fn notify(&self, notification: TaskNotification)[src]

Notify this task.

pub fn notify_from_isr(
    context: &InterruptContext,
    notification: TaskNotification
) -> Result<(), FreeRtosError>

Notify this task from an interrupt.

pub fn take_notification<D: DurationTicks>(
    clear: bool,
    wait_for: D
) -> u32

Take the notification and either clear the notification value or decrement it by one.

pub fn wait_for_notification<D: DurationTicks>(
    clear_bits_enter: u32,
    clear_bits_exit: u32,
    wait_for: D
) -> Result<u32, FreeRtosError>

Wait for a notification to be posted.

pub fn get_stack_high_water_mark(&self) -> u32[src]

Get the minimum amount of stack that was ever left on this task.

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for Task[src]

impl Send for Task[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !Sync for Task

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