[][src]Struct float_cmp::F32Margin

#[repr(C)]pub struct F32Margin {
    pub epsilon: f32,
    pub ulps: i32,

This type defines a margin within two f32 values might be considered equal, and is intended as the associated type for the ApproxEq trait.

Two tests are used to determine approximate equality.

The first test considers two values approximately equal if they differ by <= epsilon. This will only succeed for very small numbers. Note that it may succeed even if the parameters are of differing signs, straddling zero.

The second test considers how many ULPs (units of least precision, units in the last place, which is the integer number of floating-point representations that the parameters are separated by) different the parameters are and considers them approximately equal if this is <= ulps. For large floating-point numbers, an ULP can be a rather large gap, but this kind of comparison is necessary because floating-point operations must round to the nearest representable value and so larger floating-point values accumulate larger errors.


epsilon: f32ulps: i32


impl F32Margin[src]

pub fn zero() -> F32Margin[src]

pub fn epsilon(self, epsilon: f32) -> Self[src]

pub fn ulps(self, ulps: i32) -> Self[src]

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for F32Margin[src]

impl Copy for F32Margin[src]

impl Debug for F32Margin[src]

impl Default for F32Margin[src]

impl From<(f32, i32)> for F32Margin[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for F32Margin

impl Sync for F32Margin

impl Unpin for F32Margin

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